I will seamlessly correct your vocal pitch

seamlessly correct your vocal pitch

About This Gig

Please read carefully, and contact me before placing an order.

Sometimes we have a great vocal performance, but there is just one or two notes that are just slightly out of key. I can correct those notes to make the vocal track sound seamless and as if you hit them perfectly in key.

Sometimes our entire vocal track is either slightly flat or slightly sharp, leaving you wanting more.  Instead of going back and spending money to re-record, I can correct the pitch and make your voice sound beautiful.

For only $5 I will correct one vocal track up to 30 seconds in length.

  • Each additional track is $5
  • Additional time is an extra $5 per 30 seonds
  • Additional effects (Reverb, EQ, Etc.) are also an extra $5
  • I can fix instrumentation as well as vocals
  • I can only do so much, quality of your recording is key
  • I allow ONE revision
  • This WILL NOT sound like T-Pain and autotune

Files will be sent back in mp3 form. 

I will need the music file as well to get the pitch of the song. Please contact me before submitting an order.

Order Details

3 days delivery