I will teach or speak with you Arabic in Skype

teach or speak with you Arabic in Skype

About This Gig

I am a native Arabic. A professional linguist. I will teach you Arabic with my easy practical methods. We can communicate daily via Skype (60 minutes per gig/lesson). 
See what You get:
  • in addition to live lessons I will text with You daily!
  • We will discuss almost any topic You like!
  • If You invite a friend - it will be more fun and I will give You both extra time per gig/lesson!
  • All talks are confidential.
  • You can record an audio file, if You wish, and listen to it as long as You wish.
What are You waiting for? This is the best offer on FIVERR!

Page me now and let's improve Your Arabic!   

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Learn or speak Arabic