I will channel 4 questions, Im a Certified PROFESSIONAL Psychic Medium

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Above expected and resonated very much with it! RECOMMEND!
Reviewed by kiki2fly 27 days ago
It was a very good gig at all. Meichelle was very kind, professional and gave me very detailed instructions. She has very good channelling skills. I recommend this gig to everyone.
Reviewed by bmartino1986 28 days ago
No matter what you ask you can be sure your going to get a very detailed answer and she doesn't just tell you what you wanna hear she tells you the truth. Good and Bad. Very lucky to have such an amazing psychic to help me on my life's journey.
Reviewed by melissa8057 29 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by kgeorge89 about 1 month ago
Meichelle, as always such a beautiful reading from you and your guides. Anyone seeking an honest and heart based reader, do not hesitate to connect with her. I feel blessed to have found you on this platform and wishing you an amazing, prosperous. abundant 2017! D!
Reviewed by dionline about 2 months ago
I purchased two orders and the final results were extraordinary and astonishing! I recommend this gig to everyone. She has a very big talent and is quite helpful. This is an excellent service!
Reviewed by bmartino1986 about 2 months ago
I thank you and the Guardians so much. Very very fulfilling and timely. Thank you for taking the time out to make my day! God bless! RECOMMEND!
Reviewed by kiki2fly about 2 months ago
Very pleased! This was an excellent and detailed reading!
Reviewed by apricottea about 2 months ago
Thank you so much for the reading. Always appreciate the guidance and understanding I get from our readings.
Reviewed by melissa8057 2 months ago
WOW!!! That was my best reading! Amazing, thank you!
Reviewed by libra_8 2 months ago
Amazingly superb reading. AM blessed to get such a guide and a sweet angel
Reviewed by srini30 2 months ago
awesome great job
Reviewed by gamer609 2 months ago
I was profoundly satisfied by this service. This woman gave me many advices, informations and interesting details about my life journey. Moreover, she was very quick and professional to deliver this order. I reccomend it to everyone.
Reviewed by bmartino1986 3 months ago
Outstanding experience.Thank you.
Reviewed by sisa12345 3 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by wendylewis1988 3 months ago
Brilliant. Thank you for providing so much clarity and for extending the courtesy of a follow up question. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by tinkerbell1937 3 months ago
absolutely amazing, love our readings together. Always so helpful truly grateful for the experience.
Reviewed by melissa8057 3 months ago
Very awesome as always very detailed and helpful :)
Reviewed by melissa8057 3 months ago
Amazing as always, A Truly amazing and gifted Psychic. Highly recommend a reading. You wont find ANYONE better on fivver!!
Reviewed by melissa8057 4 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by s_hook 4 months ago
channel 4 questions, Im a Certified PROFESSIONAL Psychic Medium
channel 4 questions, Im a Certified PROFESSIONAL Psychic Medium
channel 4 questions, Im a Certified PROFESSIONAL Psychic Medium
channel 4 questions, Im a Certified PROFESSIONAL Psychic Medium

About This Gig

I am a Professional *Certified* Psychic/Medium who has read for people all over the world & locally!

I have the ability to "Hear" & "Feel" - Angels, Guides and Spirit/God

I **Intuitively Connect**  with deceased Loved Ones with or for messages.

Don't miss out on this wonderful gig, worry no more, my reviews speak for themselves!

As a Professional & Natural Born Intuitive I have been doing readings for over 20yrs!

I can also help in areas of your life concerning:

  • Love/Romance/Relationships
  • Angels, Guides and deceased Loved Ones
  • Manifestation
  • Finances/Money/Career
  • Home Life and most all Spiritual Concerns

This is an *EXCLUSIVE OFFER* for Fiverr.com only, as my private readings are normally $65 per half hour.

Most readings consist between that of 2 to 3 pages!

What you can expect is:

  •  Being able to sense a situation AS IS!
  •  Being able to look at the BIG PICTURE to help you BETTER UNDERSTAND your situation!
  • Able to tell you ACCURATELY of upcoming life events!
  •  Leave you FEELING EMPOWERED on how you can IMPROVE any challenging situation to get you BACK ON TRACK!!

Free follow up questions that pertain to the original gig!!

*NEVER will a Professional Psychic/Medium leave you feeling weak or fearful!*

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kinds of questions can I ask? How much information do you need from me?
    Yes with more than 20+ years of professional readings, we answer ALL inquires. We share all information that comes to us for your best and highest. We must insist however, the more energy you can provide to us for the purpose of your reading, the better quality of reading will you receive <3