I will draw your character for you

draw your character for you

About This Gig

I will draw your character (or you!) for you. For examples of my art contact me and I will link you to some. --- Ninja Turtles are (of course) my forte, but I will take ANY commission. --- All characters will be Black & White (lineart), and the art will be scanned in and sent to you digitally. It's limited to 3 characters max for the $5, though. If the character is really complex, or you want a background, I reserve the right to request more (although I prolly won't, unless it's like 3 giant tangleweed monsters all hugging each other) --- Since I SUCK at digital color and such, if you want it colored, it will be in colored pencil - however color is $2 extra. --- ADULT PICTURES - Okay, I *WILL* draw adult themed work, but the price may be more depending on the content/difficulty/etc... contact me and we will discuss what you want and the approximate price(s) --- All commissions will be delivered via email in digital format. Unless you WANT the physical art after I scan it. If that's the case, it will be an extra $1 for shipping (or actual shipping costs if you are outside the US).

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3 days delivery