I will reduce noise in an audio file

reduce noise in an audio file

About This Gig

I use the latest version of Pro Tools (Industry standard in audio cleanup, recording, mixing and mastering) and I have state of the art gear and plugins to reduce or remove any noise in an audio file. You can hear some of my music at by searching Carbon City Lights or head to soundmixology.com

Important note

This is for 5 minutes of audio.
15 minutes is $15.
30 minutes is $25.
45 minutes is $35
1 hour is $50

There is an extra $10 (2 gigs) charge if you want me to extract the audio from a video. 

If you have more than an hour, please message me for special rates.

I've received many orders where the client wants ALL the noise removed. I want to make this very clear - In most cases, removing all the noise is impossible. The more aggressive I am with removing noise, the more you will loose from the speech or music. I have to choose a sweet spot and do what I think is best.  You can expect good work here, not magic ;)

If you are unsure of what to expect, send me a message with the audio file so I can analyze it first before you order.