I will break a Family Curse

break a Family Curse
break a Family Curse

About This Gig

My name is Michaella Enguel. I am a Brazilian witch.
For over 20 years, I help people through the Natural Magic, Witchcraft, Holistic Therapies, Quantum Magic and Psychotronics Table of the God Horus.
Many people come to me asking for help to their families in cases of diseases that affect several members of the same family, separations, losses, accidents and misfortunes that seem to pass from generation to generation.
If these things happen in your family, it may be that there is a family curse.
The negative things that happen in your life may be a repeat of the life of an ancestor!
I'll help making the ritual Women ancestors Guardians, because every family has a guardian Woman, which can break these curses Ancestry and free you of these problems inherited from their ancestors.
Before ordering the Gig, please contact me and explain your problem.
Attention! In the basic gig I'll delete this negative record in your DNA, freeing you of this family curse. If you want to help other family members play the extra work. I want to make it clear that if you want to help other family members, work will succeed only if they agree with my help!

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5 days delivery

ritual for you

I'll do a ritual to rid you of a family curse.