I will write articles for you

write articles for you

About This Gig

Hi I am Kally, a full time writer.

I have worked as a manager in various industries such as education, healthcare, retail, advertising, IT, telecommunications and ecommerce specializing in sales, customer service, project management and operations in both small medium enterprise and larger multi-national corporations. I also travelled extensively for the recent 5 years around Europe and Asia.

You will find my writing style simple yet intriguing, captivating audience especially those who are on the move all the times. I love to combine my articles with personal stories in order to illustrate the bigger picture and trigger readers' emotions.

For articles up to 300 words $5

For articles up to 301 - 700 words $10

For articles up to 701 - 1100 words $15

I love to discuss more with you if you have any specific requirements or topics for me to cover. I am also open to one off or long term regular projects.

Should you wish to contact me for more enquiries, I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for considering me.


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