I will be your professional spokesperson

Outstanding Experience!
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Outstanding Experience!
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Great Job! Thank you.
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Outstanding Experience!
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Outstanding Experience!
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Outstanding Experience!
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Excellent presenter. I will use again shortly.
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Outstanding Experience!
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A++ Awesome experience!
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Always a great process. Mintyone is very good at what he does and always works with me to get the product exactly right.
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Thank you so much for the update!
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Great job!
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thank you Mintyone! Great working with you! Very professional and great experience!
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Outstanding Experience!
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Great work. I will always order from this artist when I need a great video spokesman.
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Outstanding Experience!
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be your professional spokesperson
be your professional spokesperson
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Description Spokesperson Video Ready to Market Video Ultimate Video
  50 word professional video with white background. 50 word professional video, logo added, 4 flashes of text. 50 word professional video, 4K UHD, logo added, 4 flashes of text, background music, outfit choice
Full HD (1080p)
File will be delivered in full 1080p HD resolution
Add Logo
Seller will insert your logo (or another graphic you provide) into the animation
Overlay Text
Seller will add additional text to the intro (e.g., a short tagline, your website URL, social media links etc.)
Background Music
Seller will include royalty-free background music and/or sound effects
Delivery time
Number of words
This Package includes 50 words. For each additional 50 words, the price is $5.
This Package includes 50 words. For each additional 50 words, the price is $5.
This Package includes 50 words. For each additional 50 words, the price is $5.
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About This Gig

--High quality videos filmed with a professional camera and 3 point lighting--

$5 order:
50 word video wearing a suit.  HD 1080P resolution with a clean white background and professional lapel microphone.

Script longer than 50 words? 
No problem!  Please place 1 order for each additional 50 words, rounding up. For example, a 155 word script:  155/50 = 3.1 =  order 4 gigs.

4K Ultra High Definition Video:
$10 extra

Background Music (royalty free):
$5 extra

Super FAST 24 hours:
$10 extra

2 Camera Angles:
$10 extra

Different Background:
$5 extra

All of my videos include:

  • Effective communication and presentation skills
  • A professional appearance
  • High quality work
  • Easy to understand, clear audio

Video will be in MP4 format. I do not make testimonial videos.  **Please review your script carefully, I will use exactly what is provided**

Frequently Asked Questions

  • My script is longer than 50 words, what should I do?
    No problem! Place 1 gig for each additional 50 words, in addition to the other services you'd like. For example, if your script is 110 words, 110/50=2.2 (3 gigs). If you would also like 4K video, the total number needed is 5 gigs.
  • I don't have a script and I don't know how to write one, can you do it for me?
    Absolutely! My rate for this is 2 gigs per every 40 words, in addition to 1 gig per every 40 words for filming. For example, if you want me to write the script for an 80 word video, the price will be: 4 gigs for script writing, and 2 gigs for filming, for a total of 6 gigs.
  • If you make a mistake in the video, what happens?
    If the error is my fault (I skip a word, something happens with the camera focus) there is no cost. If it is your fault (script change, want me to smile/not smile, use different or more/less hand gestures) the cost is full price to re-film. Please be specific when ordering to avoid these issues.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    I do offer discounts on a case by case bases for repeat buyers only.
  • Can you look at my website and video then tell me what you think?
    I can look at them if you want me to make a script. The rate for writing a script is 2 gigs per 40 words. Please also provide me with some basic bullet points or a theme you would like for your video.
  • Can I send you a video to use as the background?
    Definitely! This is a great idea. I recommend sending a video that is 1080P resolution or higher, or else it will look blurry. This is because I deliver all my videos in 1080P. It is HIGHLY recommend that you send a video that you have royalty rights to, or a video that is royalty free.
  • Will you wear different clothing? Do you have more casual clothes?
    Yes I do! I have a wide variety of t-shirts, polos, and long sleeve dress shirts that I can either wear with a tie or unbuttoned at the top. If you have a specific request, please ask first to make sure I can accommodate. Changing outfits costs an additional $5.
  • Can I send you my product to use in the video or a shirt to wear?
    This can be arranged. Please note, if you want me to provide a product review, it will be honest. That means if I get your product and I don't like it, I will say so, or else we will need to change it to a description video only. I don't provide dishonest reviews. I don't return products.
  • Can you deliver in less than 24 hours?
    In most cases, yes! Please send me a message before ordering to ensure this is possible.
  • Why do you use a lapel mic?
    Notice how all professional newscasters and high end promotions use lapel mics. Why? Because they have the best sound! Shotgun and boom mics just aren't as good. When you talk, your chest vibrates slightly. Only the lapel mic picks up this sound, making it the most natural and real sounding.