I will design and code a blog website

design and code a blog website
design and code a blog website

About This Gig

I will create a one page blog that you design yourself (or let me design) for $5!

Each website will be hand-coded - I don't use any sort of template and I never reuse a layout!

To see an example of what you could have, check out StudioNice.co!

You send me everything I need to make you your simple  blog page, and I will make it. I need a basic layout design, colors, fonts, name, logo, etc. 

I will code it and send all the files to you in a .zip file. I will only send the files. You must find a domain name and host (I can help with setup, though!).

Each site will be run by Couch CMS. It's a free Content Management System that is absolutely awesome. You can manage and make new posts by logging into the admin panel on your website.

Here's what you get for $5:
  • A simple blog. And by simple, I mean simple. It can have your logo/picture of you, a footer, and the posts (all designed how you want). That's pretty much it. More can be added for extra fees (see below)
  • You get all the files in a .zip. They will be ready to upload to a server and set up.

The $5 blog does not include:
1. A comment section
2. Archives by date
3. Search function

Order Details

4 days delivery