I will give you a personalized card reading

give you a personalized card reading

About This Gig

Want a personalized card reading without spending tons of money?

Maybe you've always wanted to try having your cards read but been nervous about spending money on it. Or maybe you just can't justify paying $10 a minute on the phone. No problem! I can help. I have been providing card readings for years and I would love to show you what's in store for you.

Did you know that your future can be read from normal playing cards? It is an art as old as Tarot and can be extremely accurate! This is what I'm offering you: an in-depth reading of your cards to tell you what the month holds in store. Want to know about your love life, your career, your family, or something else that's just been bothering you? Let me help you! 

And, unlike others that do readings, I don't need a ton of information from you. I simply need your first name and the day and month you were born or your sign if you don't feel comfortable giving out your birthday. That's it! From there, you'll get an in-depth reading for the month - sometimes longer, depending on what the cards show.

Order one for yourself, for a friend, or as a gift!

Remember though, this is for fun. :) 

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4 days delivery