I will send you a blessed crystal necklace

send you a blessed crystal necklace

About This Gig

Want a true good luck charm? I'll send you a personalized, blessed crystal necklace. These can be worn, can be hung in your home, your car, kept in your purse or bag, or anywhere else that you need it's blessing.

I will attune each one to your specific sign and bless it in your name. These crystals have been used throughout time to ensure good luck for the wearer/holder. Add a bit of extra luck into your life.

This is a real, handmade necklace with a crystal on it, so there is shipping.

If you would like anything extra added to your crystal or necklace, please message me before ordering. I can add the following extras for you:
  • Hand painted symbols for luck, money, hope, love, or anything else you need
  • Hand painted name
  • Extra beading for a more personalized feel
  • Extra blessings

Order Details

10 days delivery