I will write Auto Responders

write Auto Responders

About This Gig

Auto-Responders is a critical element to ANY successful online business.  However, it is also over looked.  In this ultra competitive world of online business and marketing, the hard part is getting leads there, but so many people let them slip away.  Your auto-responder is the fruit of your marketing labor.  You have invested time, energy, and resources into generating the lead, don't lose them because your auto-responder isn't compelling enough to bring them back to your site.

 78% of all online transactions of small business owners do Not happen the first time people are on a site.  If you are offering a product, service, eBook, or business, people will purchase on average the third time they visit your site.  Knowing that, to be successful, you must have compelling and moving auto-responders.  That is the exact service I will provide.

 Whether you are selling a product, products, eServices, consulting, franchising, I have written successful sales copy and emails for companies all over the world to various demographics. 

This gig is for 1 email,  up to 250 words.