I will cast a Love Spell For You for $5

/ 7 Days On Average
cast a Love Spell For You
cast a Love Spell For You

About This Gig

Love is in the air.
Birds are singing.
And chocolate is everywhere.
That's right Halloween is almost here.
A time of new beginnings (The Pagan New Year actually).

So whether you want help finding a new love or just to spice up your existing relationship, this spell can help.

Designed to open up the hearts, minds and arms of your desired love or draw someone with your specifications to you (ex. respect, funny, smart but not arrogant, etc.)

This spell "gig" can help make your Halloween (and more) a romantic one.

Cast each day for 1 week (I begin same day as payment).
Uses WHITE magicks only.
Custom written for each buyer.

The law requires all spells be sold for "entertainment purposes" only.

You must be 18 years old to purchase.
No spell should be considered a substitute for medical, psychological or legal advice.

I take the spell work I do seriously and my goal is to help you in any way possible. Although I strive to provide the best services available to you, I make no claims as to the effectiveness of these spells. I am not responsible for the outcome of any situation that may occur as a result of you ordering one of my spells.