I will give insightful single parenting advice

give insightful single parenting advice

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Whether we become a single parents by way of divorce, death, or deliberate action, single parenting is without a doubt, the most mentally draining, physically exhausting, never ending job ever bestowed upon a  woman.  Single moms want to do everything right but with half the money, half the time and half the manpower. Like it or not, you're just one person. However, you can raise an amazing, well adjusted child who is poised and ready to take over the world and leave an indelible mark on society and not in a serial killer kind of way!  Equipped with the wisdom of hindsight, I can help you manage the waters of absent and/or disruptive dads (or moms), the terrible 3's, horrendous 8's and the incorrigible 15's. I can also share my knowledge of getting your child into a great school with limited funds,  building awesome relationships with school staff, and finding the right mental health professionals (for you and your child). I can also give some amazing tips on places to hide when the mere sound of the word "mom" gives you chills. 

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