I will draw a puppet version of you

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That's awesome thank you!! That was super fast and I love it just how it is :)
Reviewed by missvmc about 4 years ago
Thanks! Great work (and a correct guess)!
Reviewed by thebigk about 4 years ago
Perfection! :D
Reviewed by shaebay about 4 years ago
PERFECT!! I will definitely be coming to you for more gigs. Great Job, thank you.
Reviewed by billym about 4 years ago
Fun! A cool muppet pic for $5 -- my new Facebook profile picture. Much better return on investment than a mug of beer (which only makes other people look better).
Reviewed by mewintle over 4 years ago
This is cool! Thanks ;)
Reviewed by rob9050 over 4 years ago
I love it!!
Reviewed by cricketlady over 4 years ago
draw a puppet version of you
draw a puppet version of you
draw a puppet version of you

About This Gig

I will draw a fun puppet... like the m-uppet, version of any picture you would like! (I won't draw you as a naked puppet or doing anything gross.) But these are cute little drawings you can give to friends, put on cards or post on the fridge.

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