I will give you a direction to life through prophecy

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give you a direction to life through prophecy

About This Gig

Beloved, I have come with the loving energy of the Most High, who gives all Power and Might of Prophecy.
With His help and utterance ,your direction in life will be located as soon as possible.
My gifts are not focused on monetary profit, but to help humanity. Thanks to fiverr for this platform of expression.
I belong to nobody but God, I belong to everybody.

If you have any private request, feel free to contact me. What a treasure you have found, come in!

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Basic Direction

Give you direction to life through prophecy

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where does your power come from and who do you prophecy through?
    My Power comes from God, the Creator of the Universe. Who came to unveil the mysteries of life to those that believe! I know nothing of my own but through Him, I am able to do all these.