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How to Become a Rock Star for $290

I grew up genuinely believing that I would become a rock star. But then somewhere around sophomore year of high school, I became a realist; I looked at the numbers. Being a musician is just really, really expensive. Even genuine rock stars are having a hard time figuring out how to make good money in the industry these days.

Fiverr for iOS now lets you order 'gigs' using Apple Pay

The official iOS app of the popular Fiverr user-to-user service marketplace has just been updated with support for Apple Pay.

Fiverr Android update lets sellers deliver projects through the app

Fiverr, the creative and professional service market place, has updated its Android app to allow sellers to create, deliver and edit projects - which the service calls Gigs - on their mobile device. When it originally launched in March, the Fiverr Android app was geared towards buyers. The new version allows sellers to edit, update and respond to orders directly from the app.

Tis' the season as Fiverr sellers offer holiday creations offers a wide variety of holiday items. Take a look around, the holidays are here. That means, decorations, wrapping gifts, holiday cards and hours and hours spent in the mall and checkout lines. It also means that there are plenty of opportunities for Fiverr buyers and sellers.

Fiverr Goes Global With New Languages, Local Offerings

After raising $30 million in August, Fiverr, the low-cost online marketplace for services of any stripe, is making it rain. The company is spending money to roll out new international sites.

Fiverr's Founders are Creating an Online Marketplace

Micha Kaufman and his friend Shai Wininger got to thinking six years ago. What if people could hire freelancers the same way they bought stuff on eBay or Amazon? And what if all those services started at only five bucks?

Fiverr Raises $30 Million for Services Marketplace

Services marketplace Fiverr International has scored $30 million from investors who believe the startup can make buying 1,000 Twitter followers, a voice-over with a French accent and other online services as simple as buying a book. The Series C infusion, which boosts Fiverr's total outside capital to $50 million, will be used to promote a refined version of the four-year-old startup's product being released Monday and continue its global expansion.

Fiverr Raises $30 Million to Grow the Gig Economy

Fiverr, the online marketplace for small tasks, just raised a big round of funding. The company announced that it has raised $30 million in a Series C round of funding from Bessemer Venture Partners, Accel and other investors. The round brings Fiverr's total funding to date to $50 million.

Fiverr freelance marketplace raises $30M in Series C round

Fiverr, an online marketplace that lets people buy and sell services starting at $5 a pop, is now $30 million richer, the company has confirmed. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal in an interview published Monday, Fiverr CEO Micha Kaufman confirmed that the company has raised $30 million in a Series C round of financing. In total, Fiverr has raised $50 million since its founding five years ago. Bessemer Venture Partners, a previous investor in the firm, has increased its stake. Qumra Capital led the round. Accel Partners also invested in the company.

Fiverr's $30M funding shows that the TaskRabbit model is growing

Need someone to write your wedding thank you notes? Or to proofread your resume, or even just make you a video of a puppet show? Online marketplace Fiverr is where you'd get those needs met, and it seems to be going well for the startup. Today, the company announced that it has raised $30 million in a third round of institutional funding to continue supporting the new version of its marketplace that it released today.

Fiverr Raises $30 Million

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Aug 11, 2014) - As the world's largest marketplace for creative and professional services, Fiverr® is pleased to announce today Series C funding from Bessemer Venture Partners, Accel Partners, Qumra Capital and additional private investors for $30M, accelerating a large scale shift toward a new workplace where independent workers and businesses can connect on a global scale.

Gigs marketplace Fiverr raises $30M

Fiverr, the online marketplace for gigs that start at $5, has raised $30 million as part of its plans to shoot for the big time. The Series C funding round was announced Monday along with a revamp of Fiverr's website that gives it the look of an e-commerce company—setting it on its way toward becoming the eBay or Amazon of creative and professional services, according to co-founder and CEO Micha Kaufman.

This Woman Had Her Face Photoshopped In Over 25 Countries

Esther Honig, a freelance journalist based out of Kansas City, sent an unaltered photograph of herself to more than 40 Photoshop aficionados around the world. "Make me beautiful," she said, hoping to bring to light how standards of beauty differ across various cultures.

Fiverr Brings Its Low-Cost Side-Hustle Marketplace to Android

Android: Fiverr is a great service to outsource annoying jobs, or make money in your spare time. Now, thanks to its new Android app, you can browse the Fiverr marketplace, place orders, and talk to sellers, right from the palm of your hand.

Fiverr arrives on Android to help more people manage microtasks

verr, the Task Rabbit-rivaling startup that serves as a microtask marketplace for people to buy and sell services starting from $5, has launched its first Android app.

Fiverr Teams Up With Coinbase to Pay for Services in Bitcoin

It's amazing what people will do for five dollars. However, offering your services on popular freelance microtasking site Fiverr could prove very lucrative, now the company has announced a partnership with payment processor Coinbase to accept payments in bitcoin.

The new secret to financial security

How many jobs do you need if you want to get ahead? More than one, says journalist Kim Palmer, author of The Economy of You: Discover Your Inner Entrepreneur and Recession-Proof Your Life. But here's the good news: "Side-gigging," as Palmer calls it, isn't just a second or third job to pull down a few extra bucks. It's a strategy for adding an entrepreneurial enterprise to your career portfolio and enhancing prosperity.

Five Annoying Life Problems You Can Solve for $5 with Fiverr

Life comes with a lot of work we don't want to do or just don't have the skillset to accomplish. Maybe you need to craft a good resume and business card, find a great birthday gift, or maybe you just want advice on learning to code. A lot of these tasks can be more easily accomplished with a little work, and all you need is five dollars.

Fiverr hits the iPhone to let you buy wonderful services on the go

Fiverr, the marketplace that allows people to offer their services to others for as little as $5, has made today made its mobile app debut with the launch of an iOS version.

Here's An Awesome New iPhone App

Fiverr, the popular online source that lets anyone take small jobs, is now available on the iPhone. The app operates the same way as the desktop version but with a few tweaks for the mobile platform.

Fiverr Puts 3 Million GigsIn The Palm Of Your Hand

Fiverr, the world's largest marketplace for services, starting at $5, launches today a brand new mobile app. The free app is now available in the App Store, providing users with direct access to 3 million+ Gigs with just 2 swipes.

Here's An Awesome New iPhone App To Help You Find A Quick Paying Job

Fiverr, the popular online source that lets anyone take small jobs, is now available on the iPhone. The app operates the same way as the desktop version but with a few tweaks for the mobile platform. The marketplace contains over 3 million gigs for freelancers to acquire work. Pay $5 to have a talented professional complete a project for you.

Payment processing firm Dwolla partners with Fiverr

Payment processing firm Dwolla on Thursday announced the launch of a partnership with online service marketplace Fiverr in a move to help spur adoption of its payment option. In an attempt to jumpstart usage, Dwolla is offering a promotion specifically in the US, where the first 10,000 people who use its service to pay for Fiverr will get a free $5 gig. After this limit, all others will get 20 percent off.

6 Tips To Make Money Online With Fiverr

You've seen them, cleverly placed ads of smiling faces selling services for $5 on Fiverr. Pay attention to sidebar and header ads the next time you're reading your favorite site, it's a way to make money online. Fiverr brings together buyers and sellers from all over the globe, showcasing his or her skill in copywriting, copyediting, web design and a myriad of other talents. Talented or not, people make money online with Fiverr, providing an additional income stream for work from home aficionados.

Fact-Driven Design: Optimize Your Optimizations

Everyone talks about the importance of data in the work of product people, designers and growth hackers. Choosing the right time to integrate data into your product design cycle can make the difference between a successful product and a struggling one. Fiverr cofounder and CTO, Shai Wininger explains.

Five Dollar Freelancing Jobs

Fiverr - an online business that began in 2010 - was created to streamline a variety of jobs from different areas. From programming and graphic design to editing and writing, services were offered for $5. Within three years, the company has expanded to offer $5 to $500 services. Offering over three million jobs or "gigs" on the site, there's something for everyone. Whether you want to post a job or get something done for you, Fiverr offers what you need.

Fiverr poll says a freelance economy works

Living in a time of government shutdowns and economic uncertainty, many Americans are not wondering "if" they will lose their jobs, but "when." Workers around the country are faced with questions regarding their future and its stability- not just financially, but also it can take a toll emotionally.

Furloughed? Try freelancing on Fiverr

It was 2009 and the global Great Recession was wreaking havoc on the job market when Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger conceived the idea for Fiverr. The free agent lifestyle had long been hailed as the future of work, and platforms to enable freelancing such as oDesk and Elance had already been around for years. But Kaufman says their idea was "out of the box and very disruptive."

Putting The Micro In Micro-Entrepreneur

The sharing economy has created a new category of businessperson: the micro-entrepreneur. Now you don't need a storefront or an office or even a website to make money, you can simply use a sharing economy service to rent your car or your time.

The Gig Economy: The Force That Could Save the American Worker?

It's been five years this week since the onset of the Financial Crisis and the subsequent unraveling of the U.S. economy. Yesterday we learned that the employment rate between the highest- and lowest-income families is at its widest since officials began tracking data a decade ago, reports the The Associated Press. Fiverr cofounder, Micha Kaufman discusses.

Once upon a time the founder of freelancing site Fiverr was a lawyer

Fiverr is capitalizing on the trend of distributed talent. By making it easy to buy and sell services, Fiverr creates an Ebay-like network for tasks.

The Secret to Making Money on Fiverr

The website offers an enticing proposition to users: Buy (or sell) any service for $5 a pop. There's no need to negotiate pricing or to fret too much about hiring the right person for an extended job. If you're a small business with the need to offload some short-term work, such as graphic design or copyediting, you can find a willing worker with a few clicks.

Musicians Earning Revenue Via Fiverr's Newly Upgraded Gig Platform

Fiverr is a growing gig platform for services beginning at $5. Higher prices are possible and musicians are included among those using Fiverr to provide extra income and increased flexiblity. The recent redesign gives Fiverr a more professional look and improved backend services to better support those seeking gigs which is in keeping with CEO Micha Kaufman's enthusiasm for building a major platform for gig seekers.

Fiverr launches its refreshed microtask marketplace

Fiverr, the Task Rabbit-rivaling startup that serves as a global marketplace for people to buy and sell services for as little as $5, has launched its updated platform to one and all.

Fiverr Not Just $5 Anymore

Fiverr reinvented itself today, keeping the five but adding two zeroes behind it as the everything-for-five-dollars marketplace goes upscale, seeking to power the emerging "gig economy."

Fiverr Updates Its Task-Based Marketplace With Slicker Look

Fiverr, an online services marketplace that gives its community of skilled sellers a platform to market and sell whatever it is they can do from as little as $5, is relaunching its website with an overhauled design. It's also adding analytics and tools to help its users turn their Fiverr 'gigs', as it calls them, into more sustained and streamlined businesses.

Website can help you make money

Trying to earn a living these days isn't always easy. So when ABC7 came upon a website that could supplement your family's income, we gave it a good look.

The 20 Hottest Startups

Business Insider recently spent a week exploring Israel's super hot startup community, meeting with founders, employees and venture capitalists.

"Beasts of the Southern Wild": What Every Entrepreneur Should Learn

Beasts of the Sothern Wild is not just a beautiful story of an inquisitive little girl named Hushpuppy who tries to find meaning in a world coming apart, it's also a story of entrepreneurship and how successful startups prevail.

Top Trends Entrepreneurs Should Watch This Year

As an Internet entrepreneur, making accurate predictions for the coming year can be tricky: It's a market space prone to rapid change and relentless innovation. Here are three trends that Fiverr CEO Micha Kaufman is convinced will take center stage this year.

Prank calling pays his rent!

What started out as just a simple party trick for struggling actor Chris Ferretti turned into a pretty decent moneymaker!

How Opportunity Will Always Thrive During Crisis

On January 2nd 2013 we avoided leaping off the fiscal cliff.

5 Steps to Make More Money Online

You could say building a successful personal brand online comes down to understanding one rule: "It's not about what you want to say; it's about what you want people to know."

Unemployment a thing of the past?

With the emergence of crowd business models and virtual marketplaces to connect employers to a broad base of employees, crowdsourcing is quickly turning into more than making a few dollars on the side.

Great Ways to Make Money Online

Earn extra cash by taking advantage of these work-from-home job opportunities

Recover from Your Financial Hangover

Fiverr is listed among 25 tips to improve your financial situation.

The Reputation War: Centralized vs Decentralized

"Online marketplaces thrive when the integrity of the relationship between buyers and sellers is centralized and protected."

How Small Businesses Use Fiverr

If your business wanted to sell a $1 million gold-plated vacuum cleaner - or at least get people talking about it - what would you do? Commission a two-minute rap, of course!

Fiverr Helps Small Companies Outsource Tasks

A wave of start-ups are making it easier for small businesses to outsource tasks that they just don't have the time to do.

Reputation Management in the Collaborative Economy

Without trust, eCommerce would collapse. When we purchase goods from a website we look for signs to assure us that we are not going to be scammed and that our financial information is protected.

How to Create Visual Content on a Shoestring Budget

Whether you are a nonprofit organization or a multinational corporation, it's necessary to complement your content with a visual ingredient.

The Power of Sharing in the Internet Economy

Being willing to share is not only good, it's also profitable. The Internet revolution has done more than just break down market barriers; it's built a deeply connected society where everyone and everything is discoverable.

Branding Yourself On A Small Budget

It is often said you will be judged in the first ten seconds of meeting someone. Businesses know how important this is, and rely on their brand strategy to convey meaning and impact in the shortest time possible.

Making Money and Rocking CNET: The Fiverr Way

One of our many fantastic sellers makes her CNET Debut (with a special appearance by our own CEO Micha Kaufman)

The Irresistible Desire for Small Services

"If you can get a professional service at a far better price and more personalized to your specific needs from a small service provider than having gone through a traditional business or agency, would you think twice?"

Defining Micro Entrepreneurs - I Couldn't Care Less About Your Boxes

Considering I talk a lot about Micro Entrepreneurs, you probably think I have an easy, one sentence definition for it: Honestly, I don't and here's why...

Business Cards Do High-Tech Work

Many technology companies and entrepreneurs that deal with mostly virtual products are embracing the tactile business card.

The Internet Revolution is the New Industrial Revolution

Forty years ago, the average person followed an employment path largely determined by birth and education, often committing to one employer until retirement. Today you probably wouldn't even consider that as a viable option.

Fiverr Seller on The Nate Berkus Show

Interview with Fiverr Seller, vaughnonmovies, on the Fiverr on The Nate Berkus Show

Interview with Fiverr Seller on The Jeff Probst Show

Interview with Fiverr seller, professorpuppet, on the Fiverr on The Jeff Probst Show.

The Art of Reduction: Lessons for Startups

"Every startup needs a good story - a narrative - and every entrepreneur is a storyteller."

How to Make Money ... While Everyone Complains About the Recession

"It doesn't take any more work to create something that is residual than it does to create something you are just paid for one time .... to get started as quickly as possible, take advantage of giant powerhouses such as Amazon, eBay, iTunes and Fiverr."

7 Promotional Stunts That Work

Time Magazine outlines 7 ways to promote your business without resorting to gimmicks.

Guerilla Marketing, Goats & the Remarkable Rise of Micro-Entrepreneurs

It looks as is Fiverr is about to break out of the Welshmen in thongs and goat-advertising market into something wholly more formidable...

How Much Weirdness Can You Buy for $5?

According to the Freelancers' Union, at least 30% of the American workforce now qualifies as "independent workers." What's more, with continuing high unemployment and a brutal job market, it looks like more people are poised to join them.

The Top 4 Tips to Sell More Gigs on Fiverr

"If you know how to work the system, you can make quite a bit of money selling Gigs on Fiverr."

Strange But True Ways to Earn $1,000

"It's become like a nice little permanent job, and it's opened some great opportunities for me," says Chris Ferretti, who earns up to $2,000 a month using

Got Five on It - Extended - Uncensored

Daniel Tosh does some shopping on Fiverr in an episode of tosh.0 on Comedy Central.

Are You On the Road to Job Independence?

The job market is changing, making room for a new breed of entrepreneurs.

Why People Want To Be Micro-Entrepreneurs

People are using collaborative consumption platforms to become entrepreneurs. What's inspiring these new entrepeneurs?

Startups: Pay $5 for Graphic Design, Data Entry and More on Fiverr

Fiverr offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to outsource labor for one-off projects at basement prices.

This Woman Made $10K On Fiverr With Her Ingenious Marketing Skills

"I expected nothing, but the orders started pouring in," Ingrassia said. "Over the past year, it's grown to five to fifteen orders per day, with people spending different amounts (between $10 and $20). To date, I've made $10,000 and the money just keeps growing."

Venture Capital Deals

Global online marketplace raised $15 million in second-round funding from Accel Partners and return backer Bessemer Venture Partners.

Fiverr Grabs $15M in Seed Money

Fiverr has raised $15 million in seed funding from Accel Partners and Bessemer Venture Partners.

Task-Based Marketplace Fiverr Raises $15M from Accel And Bessemer

Fiverr raised $15 million in funding from Accel Partners and Bessemer Venture Partners. "Our vision is to turn Fiverr into the eBay for the service economy," says Kaufman.

Fiverr Helps Get Things Done for As Little As $5, Raises $15M

Fiverr lands $15 million in funding from Accel Partners and Bessemer Venture Partners.

The $5 Idea That Brought in $20 Million

It is quite the multiplier effect. Fiverr, a website that lets "micro-entrepreneurs" offer small services for $5 a pop, just landed $15 million in funding.

Fiverr Inks $15M has raised $15 million in a second round of funding. Accel Partners and Bessemer Venture Partners provided the round, which will be used for growth.

Fiverr Secures $15 Million for Bid to Become 'eBay of Services'

"Silicon Valley investors are taking Fiverr seriously. Thursday it received $15 million from Accel Partners and Bessemer Venture Partners."

Fiverr Secures $15 M in Second Round Funding, Grows 600% Since 2011

Fiverr, has secured $15 million in a second round of funding from Accel Partners and Bessemer Venture Partners. The company has grown 600 percent in transaction volume since the beginning of 2011.

How One Man Uses Fiverr and Creativity in a Poor Man's Economy

"There is a lot of talented people on Fiverr, and it's a great way to make some good business connections. In a crazy economy, fiverr is a good choice for both sellers and buyers."

Five Bucks and Beyond

On Fiverr, various types of freelancers offer services for $5, now enables users to charge more through a new program for expanded services.

How is Changing the Creative Economy $5 at a Time

"The grand vision of Fiverr is really to create a marketplace where people can start small but take this hobby and create a business out of it,"

60 Startup 404 Error Pages

Fiverr's creative 404 page gets noticed by Forbes.

How to Make Money Through Fiverr

USA News Interviews Fiverr seller Chris Hardy.

Giving 'em Five

The New York post interviews Fiverr sellers about being micro-entrepreneurs.

Meet the Puppet Who Made $11,000 Last Year from Silly Online Videos

Moneyland article showcases the success of Fiverr seller Professor Puppet and introduces the new Levels system.

Mollee Sells Enough to Buy Her Brother's Autism Class an iPad & Apps

Following the success of eight-year-old Mollee Cunningham who raised enough money on Fiverr to buy an iPad and apps for her twin brother Josef's autism class.

The Perfect Last-Minute Christmas Gift for Just 5 Dollars

"With Fiverr, you can get people to do some pretty amazing/insane things for you, so why not a unique Christmas gift?"

Best Ways to Use Tech This Holiday Season

Today Show segment highlighting Christmas gifts available on Fiverr.

Sites Like Highlight New Global Labor Marketplace

"For its part, Fiverr strives to answer the question: What is to be done for all of these unemployed, talented individuals who have disrupted traditional work patterns and drifted toward a global, outsourced, permanent form of freelance?"

Online Marketplace Fiverr Offers Almost Any Service for Just $5

"Fiverr's greatest appeal, though, is for freelancers and other "micro-entrepreneurs" willing to think creatively about their salable assets, including skills, knowledge or geographic location."

5 Things the Internet Will Do for $5

Mashable article about Fiverr a weeks after the site is launched.

The Business of Working From Home

Fox News segment on the growing popularity of freelancing websites features Fiverr.

The $5 Freelancer

"This new era of the microentrepreneur is a welcome development for struggling employers, not to mention casual freelancers who are happy to make a little cash off their hobbies."

What Will People Do for $5? Fiverr Lets You Find Out

"What do you get when you mix unemployment, frugal consumers and Internet boredom? "

100 Best Money Moves You Can Make

Fiverr is listed in the CNN Money annual guide to the best stocks and funds, credit cards, career moves, retirement strategies, and much more.

Get Cash from the Internet

G4 features Fiverr as a great site to make money online.

What Would You Do for $5?

TechCruch introduces Fiverr after the site launch, "The idea is kind of brilliant and also entertaining."