I will install CSF firewall and secure your linux server

install CSF firewall and secure your linux server

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If you run multiple websites in Linux servers, you should not forget the security aspect of your server. This is the important thing to remember if you don't want to get your server compromised. Of course, you must secure your server for long-term good business on the internet.

Here I'm ready to install and configure ConfigServer Security & Firewall (CSF) on your server for just $5.

CSF is an advanced firewall for Linux server environment, including VPS and dedicated servers. This is a useful security tools that must be used to prevent various attacks, including SYN floods, brute force login, port scans and much more.

By default, I will secure SSH port in addition to installing a CSF firewall. However, if you want to block certain ports in CSF as well, you can order Gig Extras.

CSF offers an integrated user interface (UI) for web-based control panel such as cPanel WHM, DirectAdmin and Webmin. However, if your server does not use control panel, of course, you will not see CSF UI.

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Install CSF firewall and secure your linux server