I will create an awesome 3d model for you

It was a pleasure working with Omar, we were in constent communciation during the development and he was quick to make revisions. He did a awesome job translating our idea into a visual representation. We will definitely continue working with him on future projects. Thanks again Omar Great Work!!!!
Reviewed by cpinc2017 2 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by dgtalic 6 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by ambitiousian 7 months ago
Reviewed by ambitiousian 8 months ago
Thank you Omar, Grade A++++ once again
Reviewed by jmroyle 8 months ago
Omar has once again done a fantastic job!!! I honestly can say i recommend he's work and any of he's services he really puts a great effort and makes sure you are completly satisfy and in control of the results and that to me is worth every penny Thank you Omar!!! and i look forward once again working with you Mario
Reviewed by glow_explore 8 months ago
Brilliant. Thank you. Best fiverr seller ever! Our company's trusted 3D artist!
Reviewed by trinbuyer 8 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by dgtalic 9 months ago
Awesome renders of our models! Omardex as a fine eye for details when making these for us. Thanks again!
Reviewed by auctorlucan 9 months ago
Thank you Omar....... Amazing! I was looking to work with someone who can truly delivered professional quality 3D images at a great cost and I am definitely not disappointed with Omar, Your work really speaks for itself, I am very impress with everything If you are looking for a professional Designer with amazing quality, You found it! Thank-you
Reviewed by glow_explore 9 months ago
Outstanding job again Omar, always a pleasure to work with you A+++
Reviewed by jmroyle 9 months ago
Very professional - once again! Many thanks!
Reviewed by dgtalic 9 months ago
When we sent in our project we were not sure if we'd find anyone who could really capture what we were looking for. Omardex not only nailed it but brought a life into the project that is simply breathtaking!
Reviewed by thebinkgroup 10 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by ashutoshvalani 11 months ago
Very nice seller. Good prompt response
Reviewed by vrathamon 11 months ago
Amazing work again. Attention to detail so impressive A+++
Reviewed by jmroyle 11 months ago
Again Satisfied. His work keeps getting better beyond expectation. Thank you!!!!!!!
Reviewed by trinbuyer 11 months ago
Awesome renders of my models and quick on delivery too. My highest recommendations and I look forward to more gigs ahead.
Reviewed by auctorlucan 11 months ago
Solid modeling and texturing skills if you want a basic 3-D Model for presentations.
Reviewed by chris562 11 months ago
Omar is a professional and is good at what he dose and I'm sure he has other talents. I would recommend Omar for sure, hes fast and knows his craft. I asked for detailed work and he delivered on that request. Thank you Omar.
Reviewed by chris562 12 months ago
create an awesome 3d model for you
create an awesome 3d model for you
create an awesome 3d model for you
pdf page as image
pdf page as image

About This Gig

I will create any 3d model from your designs, projects, product and ideas, and present it in high quality no matter how simple or complex I will provide quality and satisfaction.

For 10$ you will get:
*Professional made 3d model ( $10 is the minimum price depending of the object complexity this price could change).
*One high quality render In 2k resolution (2048 pixels) without textures or material (gray color) in .PNG format.

Check the extras for more options and various rates, these rates are a base, not two projects are the same, the quotes may vary depending of your request.

I can create Animations; The price for animation is per second, you need give details about that to establish a quote, also I only work on the visual part nut I can sync any audio or soundtrack you may have.

Check out my sites to know the results I can provide.

Please talk to me about your project before order.

Order Details

5 days delivery 1 Revision

Basic Gig

One basic simple Model render no colors no lightning. Plain White bg. One Image.

  • Commercial Use

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you provide CAD (step/iges) models?
    I work with design software not CAD/manufacturing ones, But, I can work with CAD models to do mockups also I can convert your step and Iges files, Sadly I'm no Engineer so I can't develop Manufacture Items for you I can provide 3d models for 3d print in STL,OBJ and FBX format.
  • What Determines you quote?
    I take into account the number of separated pieces and complexity of the shapes for the geometry creation (starting at $10) then if you require realism (materials and lighting) I apply the extra rate for those categories, also if is required additional elements that are not part of the main product
  • I need realism in my images
    Realism in 3d is the simulation of the light and how it affects the materials and colors in the composition, this is not amateurish thing and requires a lot of practice and hours of preparation to achieve, in short this is not a cheap thing to ask.
  • You do extra fast deliveries for the projects?
    No, because the main request in my gig is realism, this takes time to achieve, the shapes have to be accurate, the materials believable and the lighting has to be good and realism is a combination of all, this can't be done in 24 hours, unless you only require a simple image without those elements.
  • Do you provide 3d printing models
    Yes, I can create watertight and scale correct 3d models for 3d print, check the extras for the rates about the 3d model delivery, Also I do post delivery support in case you model have issues with the process The formats I current delivery are, Obj, Fbx, Stl, C4d, Max; I don't deliver Step or Iges
  • You do images for media print
    Yes, I can create images in the media size you need and in 300dpi/cmyk color for correct print, also I do post delivery support in case of inaccuracies or issues in the print process. Check the extras that apply for these kind of images.
  • You do Character Models or Vehicles?
    yes I create character models and vehicles in general and do texturing for them, the rates for these request are minimum $250 per model with all the process involved, but the final quote depends on the complexity of the model or if I have to design it.
  • You create designs from the scratch?
    Yes, I can design your product or request, depending of your brief will be my quote for these services and the time for delivery can be extended depending of the number of iterations and revisions a design can have.
  • What is your process?
    I work in stages for all my deliveries, this is mainly like this. -modeling -Texturing and materials -Lighting -post process -Delivery and post support. Each stage can have multiple status updates so you can check the progress and give feedback. ask me any doubt you have about this.
  • Do you do animations?
    Yes, I have a animation studio background where I created numerous 3d animated Ads for my country national television. I only create the visual part and do post work on the video, I can integrate/sync audio but I don't create it https://vimeo.com/omardex