I will create a Vector Stock Illustration

Great work, thank you again.
Reviewed by berthold over 2 years ago
I have a huge problem now: It's too good. I may have to let onikas redo everything I had done by other people previously. Dang!
Reviewed by berthold almost 3 years ago
Delivered nice vectorised diagram of complex subject - nicely done
Reviewed by virtualartist almost 3 years ago
Thank you, well done,
Reviewed by inmobis about 3 years ago
Vectors are just live paint and not even in editable layers. Very poorly done....
Reviewed by follano about 3 years ago
Thumbs up
Reviewed by truetifoso about 3 years ago
Thumbs up
Reviewed by tsoheili over 3 years ago
I really like it! Fast turnaround. Thank you!
Reviewed by wonderwall7 over 3 years ago
Thank you!
Reviewed by iames3 over 3 years ago
Though my image could not be delivered in one day, as paid for, Onikas is taking extra time to create a second (free) image to remedy the situation. And the 1st image is perfect!
Reviewed by nyahooker over 3 years ago
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Reviewed by susanbuck over 3 years ago
Thank you!
Reviewed by iames3 over 3 years ago
Excellent work!
Reviewed by contentgenius over 3 years ago
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Reviewed by imaginethat over 3 years ago
Wow. Absolutely PERFECT! I couldn't be happier. The creativity & quality of work is so professional. You're a hidden gem! I'll definitely be back for more :)
Reviewed by ldramos over 3 years ago
Absolutly cool. Thanks!
Reviewed by hellu16 over 3 years ago
Awesome fast work, very talented! Thank you!
Reviewed by nadude over 3 years ago
Created a great graphic, and responded positively to request for revision. Very happy.
Reviewed by leditrix over 3 years ago
yes. this is fantastic. what great work!!
Reviewed by lamabeans almost 4 years ago
Looks great! Thank you.
Reviewed by hofmom almost 4 years ago
create a Vector Stock Illustration
create a Vector Stock Illustration
create a Vector Stock Illustration

About This Gig

Hi! I am willing to create a vector stock illustration for you. I will be sending you the jpeg file when its done. Illustrations range from ordinary objects to certain characters. I do not create vector caricatures. I only create cartoon vectors based from reference photo or original concepts and compositions. Vector Illustrations with no background can be delivered quickly. Vector Illustrations with background would need more time.