I will write 10 self help blog post titles

write 10 self help blog post titles

About This Gig

Before you can increase your rankings in the search engines with content, you need to create great articles.

I will come up with 10 blog topics for your SELF IMPROVEMENT blog. If you offer services in any of the following areas, I can help:

  • weight loss/exercise
  • business/sales skills
  • relationship management
  • general motivation
  • stress management
  • personal coaching

I will write catchy SEO-optimized headlines that can attract more visitors to your site.

You can supply some keyword phrases to include in the titles, a general topic that you would like all of the posts to be about or just leave it up to me.

As an experienced freelance writer and blogger, I know what it takes to get your content read.

**NOTE: Please purchase the gig extra for "Read Your Top Posts" if the majority of the articles on your blog are 1000+ words each and you want me to read them before I create your article titles.**

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