About This Gig

Capturing a favorite building or visualizing your own architecture project? A refined digital drawing will express your ideas and convince clients. For your convenience "addon" options are available via the Gig extras section.

Some subject matter may be more complex and require multiple gigs. Read fully and message me with your request before ordering!

All orders are drawn digitally, and in A5 size, 300 DPI, JPEG format, unless otherwise specified. Minor revision available for orders above $5; major revisions require a new order.

The artist retains copyrights for all work.

base gig, $5 | existing

Basic freehand digital sketch of an existing condition (ie. a photograph), focusing on basic mass and form.

addon 1, +$40 | getting creative

Got an idea? Send me floor plans, wall palettes, or even a vague description and I'll draw something tailor-made.

addons 2 & 3, +$50 | detail

Dependent on request; your order is drawn on a larger A4 size sheet, and in greater detail and precision.

addon 4 +$50 | watercolor

I will overlay realistic hand watercolor work, accurately rendering materials, shadows, and light caustics, bringing impact to the design.