I will never give up in preaching

never give up in preaching

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I am Minister Mikel John Ogundepo i am a preacher of the gospel of God i have preached to millions of people with great signs and wonders. I started ministration with nothing then life was so miserable to me, some of my friends and family started laughing at me but i never give up i remain focus. One faithful day i was so much hungry after finishing 40days fasting and prayers i went round to see what i can eat as a poor preacher but i could not get any food to eat. While hungry all i was thinking its future i never think about what i will eat that very moment because i know if i get what i want that very time i will never get what i will need in future. so i think on how to make a possitive in the life of people. I started visiting people in hospital praying for them i am not a prophet nor a healer i just believe in the scriptures i wrote out scriptures on healings and i try to memorised three. I went to hospitals prayed for the sick and people who recognised the grace blessed me with some money. I took the money i step up small business in my area i look on what people need most and which its too hard for them to get. I went far to get it and i resale at high price.

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