I will teach vb net,c sharp,java,sql,web online

Always doing great work. Even harder Project are no problem for him!
Reviewed by halfman over 2 years ago
teach vb net,c sharp,java,sql,web online

About This Gig

***TEACHING*** is one of my best skills I got and I so much like to share my knowledge with anyone because I gain so much pleasure and it brings me self satisfaction.

  • Very first thing  I'm going to do is find where you are now in the world of programming by finding what you know & don't.
  • The capacity of learning new things / power of thought / how logical you are etc.because they really matters.
  • After realizing you will decide where to start & then onward will give you notes in .doc/.pdf /.ppt & video tutorials which are created by my own or which I recommend to watch made by others.
  • After every topic there will be a written test and practical test & learner must be completed them withing the given time of period & should score well.
  • After every written test  answer sheets will be provided & fully commented  source code of working application will be provided for practical tests.
  • Both Console & Windows Forms applications will be covered.
  • 15 $ for one hour.


I won't accept any complain or any responsibility if you order without asking me 1st & any negative review for such orders.I only guarantee for the orders where you ask me before purchase order & only if I say YES I CAN