I will pen your wishes and need s

pen your wishes and need s

About This Gig

Want to have something written and presented creative ? And your thoughts are busy enough in thinking about your crush and not letting you do it ? 
     Then take aid of my brain which is idle and  loves to be creative . " Hey Akshay's brain , give me this " can you ask it will let me be a platform between you both .
 I am sure that my brain will enthrall you . You ll love it's work and ask for more .
 Be it any genre , my brain shall serve you . Test it with unexplored genres . Do you  want it to be giving you a proficient write up in an explored one ??
      Yea it will. 
  " I am hungry " says my brain . So please donate me ideas so that I can feed it . 
             "A lovely return for your donation " . Tat must sound great .
                                                                        Hurry up !!
                                He is waiting :) 

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