I will do COMPATIBLITY check with photo

do COMPATIBLITY check with photo
do COMPATIBLITY check with photo
do COMPATIBLITY check with photo
do COMPATIBLITY check with photo

About This Gig

Hello beautiful souls :)

Thank you so much for considering my service. If you are looking for an honest, no fluff, yet delicately delivered reading, then I am your girl.

I am a natural clairvoyant. From very young age, I developed psychic powers, such as the gift of clairvoyance and the power to help others by connecting to the Holy Spirit and angels but it took me a while to understand this. I discovered my spiritual powers helping people around me, selflessly. Then I began working on my natural psychic powers.

I have been doing professional psychic readings offline for many years now. People call me their angel because of my readings and effective blessing prayers for them. I am truly honoured to be following my calling and helping others.

I have the strong intuitive power to read about person's true personality, their energy through photos. So I will provide the reading based on this for this gig. I will tell you if you two are compatible or not, if it has the chances to culminate into a strong relationship or it will just be a short fling.

Check my extras and FAQS for more details.

For Law, this reading is for entertainment purpose.

Order Details


I will provide general compatibility reading based on the photos in brief.

2 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What would you require from me for this reading?
    Please provide me your gender and 1 photo of both of you, together or separate does not matter but It has to be a clear picture and no selfie or group photo please. Be assured these photos will be used only for your reading and will be safe with me.
  • Do you provide exact dates or names in your readings?
    No, I do not provide the exact dates or the names in my reading. I am God gifted and not God myself though I do provide the general time frame. I do not make huge and false claims to fool people or tell things which will please them. I do honest but compassionate reading.
  • How will you deliver this order?
    I will do a thorough in depth reading allowing myself to see what the spiritual guides and angels show me for you and then I will prepare the reading in detail in a. doc file for you and send it to you.
  • What type of questions I can ask for this gig? Plese provide some examples.
    I can answer questions such as 1. which one of these man/woman would be more compatible with me? ( in case you want the compatiblity check with two people) 2. How can I improvfe my relationship with this person? 3. How can I attract this person to me?