I will send you a custom BLESSING prayer

send you a custom BLESSING prayer

About This Gig

Hello beautiful souls :)

Do you know that SINCERE prayer is the link that connects us with God ? 

In the past you may have been disappointed that your prayers were not answered. But please do not lose faith. God is not a mute unfeeling Being. He is love itself. If you know how to pray to make contact with Him, He does respond to our loving demands. 

I perform special blessing prayers which bring amazing results in,



Love life




Your goals.

I would like to share some of the compliments or reviews for my sincere prayers, 

" I can't thank you enough for this noble service you are doing to mankind. I feel a divine energy around me after your prayers "

" Things have started looking up for me after your prayers. Thank you, Angel " 

I will send a short custom prayer for your ONE specific goal.

NOTE: If you cant afford $5, please do not hesitate to inbox me. I will still pray for you. This gig is for serving the mankind. There is no "price tag" to God's love and hence I do not want to keep those deprived of his love just because they cant afford to pay for it.

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I will send you a short custom prayer for your goal.

2 days delivery