I will do TWO ques psychic reading

do TWO ques  psychic reading
do TWO ques  psychic reading

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Description 2 questions reading. 4 questions reading. 6 questions.
  I will answer upto 2 questions. I will answer upto 4 questions. I will answer upto 6 questions.
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About This Gig

Hello beautiful souls :) 

I am a natural clairvoyant. From very young age, I developed psychic powers, such as the gift of clairvoyance and the powper to help others by connecting to the Holy Spirit. People call me their angel because of my readings and sincere prayers for them.

Being a psychic reader is a big responsibility as we try to help souls seeking help regarding their issues. This is not to be taken lightly. Hence, in my readings, I do not just give answers but also give you guidance needed to improve things, try to help you make better choices and decisions.

Does he/ she love me?
Will this relationship work out for us ?
Is the person trustworthy for business / relationship? 
What does he/she think of me ?
Should I start this job/business ?
Should I buy this house ?
Is new love coming?
Will he/she come back?

If you have such or similar questions then you are at the right gig. You can also check out my other gigs if you have other needs. 

The basic gig is for a reading of upto 2 questions.

Please check my FAQS before placing your order.

For law, this is for entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do you provide in the basic gig?
    This gig is for a psychic reading of upto 2 questions. Ask one question per line and I humbly request, do not try to adjust 2 3 questions into 1. Also take note that I do not provide dates, locations or names in my readings.
  • What type of questions I can ask ? Please provide some examples.
    I have given the examples in my description. Please do not ask general or vague questions like what do you see for me in coming 1 or 2 years as there can be hundreds of things that may come up in the reading and so it is not possible to provide specific answer to such questions.
  • What do you NOT predict or read about?
    I do NOT read about death, medical issues, gambling, lottery or anything that involves any illegal activity like smuggling, theft or any sort of crime. DO NOT ORDER WITH THESE ISSUES PLEASE. I do NOT provide names, dates or locations in my readings, however I do provide time frame if asked.
  • How will you deliver this order?
    After I get your answers, I prepare a word/txt document for your reading. My psychic readings are real, not created from software programs or other means. Try my service once and feel the difference for yourself.
  • Do you provide revisions?
    My readings will be delivered fast and quickly to you and I always make sure you leave with the insight you needed in as much detail as possible and clarification is always free if you have any confusion provided its related to the questions you submitted in your order.
  • Do you provide custom orders?
    Please dont hesitate to contact me if you need something else. I will be happy to help you as long as its morally correct and not harmful to any soul. God-given gifts are always meant to help people. People who sell these services unethically tend to lose them.
  • What information you need from me ?
    Your gender, name and the description of the situation/question. Please do not ask vague questions like what job/career will I have as that depends entirely on your choice and free will. You can ask between choices though.