About This Gig

For $25 i will draw 1 funny Character with your short message (15 letters max) in the bubble.
You can choose the Character's mood and some features.
The clip will be 10 seconds long, MP4 file size Low quality PAL 720x576 16:9 codec H264.  Purchase the extra for FULL HD shooting

  • With the First extra I will superimpose your website below the drawing  and I'll put some Music from apple library (Copyright Free).
  • for a PROFESSIONAL VIDEO PRESENTATION in FULL HD (1920x1080) with 5 different Slides of Characters and 5 different message purchase the Respective extra (basically It's $100 every 30"seconds) I will also put some music and your website at the end of the video.
  • FOR logo drawing, check out my other gig in my profile page, you can combine this gig with the Speed drawing logo but mail me first, I need to review your logo!

--- NOTICE: I can do a character "inspired" by a photo, but I DON'T do proper Caricature! ---

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