I will code basic PHP logic for one web page

code basic PHP logic for one web page
code basic PHP logic for one web page

About This Gig

I know PHP, have used it for 8 years.  I've made data systems using PHP, and I have knowledge of the basic loops, conditional statements and basic scripts to get your website functional.   Simple scripts only!  Third Party APIs and Frameworks do not apply.   (This gig is for those with little PHP knowledge)

On the extras: I have experience writing MySQL scripts, and I use the MySQLI Api to connect a website to PHP.    I use the for loop to retrieve the MySQL records, and I have a ready-made AJAX Javascript file to use if you want the db retrieval more dynamic.  Send me a message and I will reply if I can do it.

For $5 I will work on PHP code for (only) one webpage.  

For an added $10 I will design a database and integrate it your webpage (MySQL only)

For an added $20 I will work on integrating an existing Bootstrap template to design your page.

Except for Bootstrap extra this is for backend development.  I will only use vanilla Bootstrap or bare-bones design and focus on webpage functionality.

For custom orders please message me beforehand so I could send an offer

Order Details

8 days delivery UNLIMITED Revisions

I will code basic PHP on a page

I will work on adding PHP functionality on one web page

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