I will teach you how to repair an Iphone

teach you how to repair an Iphone

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Description Tips and Tricks Full Tutorial on a specific phone Skype call
  I'll give you some tips and tricks on how to fix your IPhone I'll teach you to fix your specific phone We can do a one on one skype call to teach you how to fix your phone!
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One of the most popular phone brands out there..... the IPhone. With it's sleek design many love to keep it free from casing because of it's looks however, it may not look too good with a large crack on the screen! 

This may or may not be you, however, you can profit from this opportunity to learn how to fix IPhones and turn it into a hobby or even a career! I myself have been repairing these phones for many years and have gotten great revenue from the cracked screen business. Now it's my turn to help you learn how to do so!

(this is to learn how to fix phone screens and how to replace them, if you would want to know how to fix a variety of IPhones feel free to renew the purchase!)

(no screens are provided)