I will help you decide your best choice

help you decide your best choice
help you decide your best choice

About This Gig

Ask me about anything.

People ask me questions and usually express appreciation for my answers. I ask questions too :)  We learn. It's glorious.

Confidential and thoughtful, let me help you decide the right answer for you.

I am not too judgy, somewhat open-minded, muti-cultural and a global mind.

Because Fiverr limits listed skills, (and I don't want to post all education) let me add my academic focus includes majors in Sociology, added studies in Broadcast Journalism, Psychology, Creative Writing, and independent self-education in Nutrition, Alternative Healing and Dream Interpretation.

Please write me with your question / dilemma, the choices you have thought about, and pros and cons you perceive from each choice.

My $5 answer will be at least 1-3 paragraphs. For a more informative, researched and analytical response, OR if you want ideas about choices you haven't thought about, please click the add-on

Whatever your question, I will give you my most logical answer. 2nd optional answer for entertainment purposes,  My 2-day estimate is to make certain I meet deadlines. Most often, I intend to respond much sooner.

Photo Credit: Dino Reichmuth - unsplash.com

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