I will help you with spiritual problems via skype for $5

/ 24 Days On Average
help you with spiritual problems via skype
help you with spiritual problems via skype

About This Gig

We do not offer advice, but we know someone who does. Our friend is the best counsellor in the world. He also happens to be GOD, which is handy, because He knows you better than you know yourself, and if ever you need help, He really is the best, and only person worth asking.

We bring 15 years of experience of helping people successfully to your skype session to bring you this priceless opportunity.

Conversing via Skype (talking or typing), we will teach you to hear from Jesus, the one and only creator God. He will help you understand and resolve your emotional problems, step by step.

 Examples of things we have seen healed before:

  • Anger, sadness, grief, depression or even lack of motivation
  • The trauma of bullying, all forms of abuse, even severe abuse such as gang rape
  • Fears, anxiety, worry, panic attacks, phobias from fear of spiders or flying, to fear of chainsaws
  • We specialise in spiritual abuse, cult deprogramming
  • We can explain and undo the effects of occult involvement, and other dangerous practices such as "psychic readings"