I will design a PERFECTLY planned and creative eye catching flyer

Great work! Thanks so much!
Reviewed by creditexpert almost 4 years ago
Reviewed by henlang almost 4 years ago
You have done two amazing pieces for me. I will be using you once or twice a month from now on. Thank you!
Reviewed by fmhumbert almost 4 years ago
You've actually failed to deliver a usable poster & not bothered to respond to my messages. 1st gig for poster had text chopped off when printed. 2nd gig to correct my date error and add text testimonial had this text chopped off when printed. Poster not usable as error not fixed & no reply from u.
Reviewed by rlbcool almost 4 years ago
hooray!... You got a thumbs up from gigifox0270
Reviewed by gigifox0270 about 3 years ago
Good Work.
Reviewed by claudine about 4 years ago
You are awesome!! Thank you for such short notice!! Gina
Reviewed by gigifox0270 about 4 years ago
I really liked the design of the poster. It showed that a lot of thought and creativity was applied and although the order was a little late, the designer offered a freebie as compensation. I will most definitely use princemaxx again. Thanks.
Reviewed by rlbcool almost 4 years ago
Reviewed by adolphe38 almost 4 years ago
Hey Thanks.... Good Job
Reviewed by jayrock911 about 4 years ago
Thumbs up
Reviewed by freddyb about 4 years ago
this is one of the best fiverrs on the planet!
Reviewed by plangan107 about 4 years ago
Crazy good job. Thanks. More business headed your way....
Reviewed by fmhumbert about 4 years ago
Great job! Will use again soon!!
Reviewed by markhoward101 about 4 years ago
The work is great, I can't contact him for verso but I like the recto
Reviewed by adolphe38 about 4 years ago
Prince is great. The work is high energy, creative and amazingly fast on the turn-around! The flyer for FANFARE is attractive and fun. Attention grabbing!
Reviewed by featheredfans about 4 years ago
Absolutely PERFECT!!! Thank you and I will be doing business with you again...
Reviewed by gigifox0270 about 4 years ago
It's Ok nothing fantastic though -as I didn't get the images that was supposed to associated with a vintage wine event after two attempts I give up becuase I know I'm not going to get anything great here
Reviewed by vision111 about 4 years ago
Very responsive to revisions. Would use again!
Reviewed by thefamemob about 4 years ago
Fantastic job. This seller is really giving you a quality gig. Lots of bang for your buck. Will most DEFINITELY be coming back when I need a flier made. Wasn't hesitant to fix any problems, minor though they were, and even threw in a QR code just because why not. Excellent gig, highly recommended.
Reviewed by hunterjs about 4 years ago
design a PERFECTLY planned and creative eye catching flyer
design a PERFECTLY planned and creative eye catching flyer
design a PERFECTLY planned and creative eye catching flyer

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Princemaxx is back! Please message me to know more about the negative feedback. I will be more than happy to give a demo to customers hesitating to order due to the negative feedback. [[40+ satisfied customers]] | LEVEL 2 seller. Want to spice up your party or your event or your son's birthday party but don't want to spend a lot on a professional organization? No problem! Maxx offers you a professional service for the price of a cup of coffee. You can get a 300 DPI flyer which will be ready for print in less than 32 hours. You can also get the editable .psd and a high quality .pdf. Furthermore, you can get an express delivery with any file format you would like the file in. What are you waiting for? ORDER NOW

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