I will describe your future children as your Psychic

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describe your future children as your Psychic
describe your future children as your Psychic

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Description Basic Gig 3,000-character Psychic Reading 6,000-character Psychic Reading
  500-character count description of your future children 3,000-character Psychic reading with FULL clarification 6,000-character Psychic reading with FULL clarification
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About This Gig

Hello, I'm Jenny!
I have helped hundreds of people deal with love issues, career problems, money, coping with the loss of loved ones, and more. I average more than 50 professional readings a week, with repeating clients coming to me because I am truly gifted. Aside from being clairvoyant, I also use divination tools ranging from tarot cards, crystal balls, oracles, and many more. I have been listed on the Best Psychic Directory for my highly accurate psychic gifts. Highly Recommended by top websites, 5/5 star ratings - I bring exceptional results.

My reading style is very accurate, honest, and blunt. I do not sugarcoat my readings, as I take them very seriously with my clients - if you feel you are not ready to hear the truth, please do not purchase my readings. This is to help refrain from receiving any negative feedback that the faint of heart may not be able to handle.

In my basic reading I will describe physical appearance, personality, and the quality of the relationship between the two of you in a nicely detailed paragraph.

Sometimes I may pick up either one OR more than one child - up to your GUIDES!

Feel free to check out my Gig Extras for more detail

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I found out more about who they are, how they will develop, will there be any serious issues, etc.?
    I can certainly provide these for you through an indepth reading! When you purchase an indepth reading, you receive either 5 or 10 questions with FULL clarifications and COMPLETE thorough details depending on which one you have purchased.