I will get your book ready for Kindle publishing

get your book ready for Kindle publishing

About This Gig

       As a mater of fact, publishing ebooks sometimes have very boring process when it comes to formatting the text and make it charming and visible for all of the devices out there. But this is a very critical step that most authors/publishers have tumbled down!
       If you want to reach people and make them read what you have, you have to make it professional! I will format and edit your e-book step by step and get it ready for publishing successfully.You'll skip this formatting and get the positive feedback from your customers!

        I will do  professional editing on your book for $5     

        (I will edit and format your document and make it ready for publishing as you want up to 100 pages. (Fonts, TOC, etc…)just buy 2 Gigs or contact me)  

        You can get extra 100 pages for $5

         If you need some extras or if you have further questions about it,
feel free to contact. Also we can make some deals depends on what you want and i can help you with publishing!Please contact with me before ordering the gig.

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5 days delivery