I will create web apps using CSharp or VB

create web apps using CSharp or VB

About This Gig

Hey, I'm Rakesh with a passion for software development.

I have 8+ years of coding experience,  so you can be sure you've come to the right place!

Here's what I can do for you, in simple words: I can develop your own web/desktop application in C#/VB.

I can produce :

    WebForms applications
    Twitter Bootstrap
    Web services/WCF/WCF RESTFul services
    Libraries you can use in other projects
    Crystal reports
    Can write scripts using Powershell
    DevExpress controls

I cannot produce:

     Mobile applications

Please contact me before placing an order to understand if I am able to develop what you need, discuss application details, time and gigs needed to complete the job.

If you find something wrong with my app, just write me and I can fix it!
If you want me to add something new or change anything, probably we need a new order to be placed.