I will show you step by step how to dissolve procrastination

show you step by step how to dissolve procrastination

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what you'll learn... #1----30 of the best way's to focus on one thing at a time (now 30 might seem like a lot to remember but with practice you'll get to the point where you're applying all of them without even thinking (the same way you learn to drive a car) #2---you'll learn what's called the pomodoro technique-7 month's ago i was at that point in my life where i just couldnt get ANYTHING done, but then i learned this technique, and ever since then ive been completing around 20 hour's per week (organizing email's, cleaning my room, completing project's and knocking ton's of goal's off my list (and for the really big goal's ive gotten soo much closer & in a 4th of the time that it would'v normally takin), so far im at 500 hour's since may 2012. this is not a complicated technique but you do need to make it a habit before you can expect to just blow through whatever workload you're dealing with and the only way to do that is to start somewhere small. #3--- you'll learn 8 reason's you're not moving forward. *& more...

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