I will edit, clean, and master audio for podcast, stream, radio, TV

edit, clean, and master audio for podcast, stream, radio, TV
edit, clean, and master audio for podcast, stream, radio, TV

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Description Beginner Edition Standard Edition Broadcast Edition
  This package includes: adjust volume, insert intro/outro/background music, Remove up to five items. Previous package + enhance voice, reduce room, remove background noise if possible, up to 20 items. All previous + remove stutters & fillers, up to 50 items.
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About This Gig

Please get in touch for any custom request.

Experienced and trained audio engineer.

Many years of experience as editor and presenter in broadcasting.

Starting at $5, you will get a podcast edit with top quality gear and professional audio techniques.

The BASIC gig includes:
  • Edit up to 30 minutes of audio
  • Remove up to 5 particular items (notice: I can’t always remove sounds that are on top of something you want to keep)
  • Add your intro, outro and/or your background music
  • Balance channels
  • Adjust to standard broadcast volume 

Important: I don’t listen to your audio in real-time, please tell me everything I have to know in advance. I only edit audio in English, German or French. I do not edit any pornographic or insulting audio files. Please ask, if you’re unsure.

For more audio treatments check out my gig extras (each extra counts for up to 30 minutes) or request a custom order.

  1. Export your work as audio files as WAV/AIFF/MP3/M4A – remember: uncompressed works best.
  2. Send your files.
  3. Pick a package (add extras if needed).
  4. Read my FAQ or message me, if you need help.
  5. Order and provide all your files.
  6. Enjoy your delivery.

Please note that the result always depends on your source material.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are items?
    Items are specific sounds like e.g. honking cars or barking dogs who can be removed sometimes. This depends always of what’s happening at the same time. If somebody speaks it often gets really complicated or impossible to remove such items.
  • Do you have examples of your work?
    Sure, just ask me.
  • Do you provide and add sounds or background music to my audio/podcast?
    If you want me to provide sounds or background music for your podcast or audio file, get in touch with me, we will talk about your request in detail.
  • My podcast is much shorter than 30 minutes, can I get a discount?
    It depends. If there's a good reason, we can talk about it. Just get in touch with me.
  • There is a lot of background noises, like people talking, can you remove it?
    Please contact me for your request. It’s always very difficult to remove other voices since they use the same frequency spectrum as the focused speaker. I can only give a detailed answer after listening to your audio.
  • Which broadcast standards are you using?
    Usually I use BS.1770-3 for USA, and EU. But if you require or wish other settings, we can easily talk about it.