I will record smooth but energetic german voiceover

Very FAST & BRIGHT synced explainer video
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English with HEAVY German accent (BRIGHT)
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Normal pace and tone
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record smooth but energetic german voiceover
record smooth but energetic german voiceover
record smooth but energetic german voiceover

About This Gig

Nobody enjoys a bad sounding speech.

Whether it's incorrect style, wrong tempo, awful recording quality, or bad pronunciation – your listener won't care.

You want to sell your product, explain great content or simply make your listeners smile.

If you're serious about your project, you won't hire amateurs. You need a native speaking expert with great quality who will CREATE A COMPELLING EXPERIENCE.

It pays to work with a professionally trained radio presenter like me. I've been hosting official radio shows in Germany for many years and participated in countless small and big projects.

Let's say, you create content, I record it. The results will speak for themselves.

This level of service at this price is unique.
Do not spoil the ship for a ha'p'orth of tar!

Make sure to read my FAQ!

Important notes: No dubious content. IPA notation or audio note for pronunciation. Running text only. Listings or radio/tv commercial require a custom quote. No after-delivery changes. No revision unless I made a mistake.

Order Details

3 days delivery
Number of words
Please enter the full word count of your script. Your price and delivery options will be calculated based on the script’s length.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you speak "Hochdeutsch"?
  • My script is two words longer than your package allows, can we...?
    Due to my very affordable prices, I can't quote you per exact words but have to charge for certain blocks. If your script exceeds one block, you have to order another one. E.g.: If your script has 1001 words and I offer 100-word blocks, you have to buy 11 blocks.
  • Can you provide another accent?
    I can speak a bit like the people in the far west of Germany – "Platdeutsch". Please get in touch with me.
  • Do you have samples of your work?
    Sure, just ask me.
  • Which broadcast standards are you using?
    Usually, I use BS.1770-3 for the US and EBU R128 for EU. But if you require or wish other settings, we can easily talk about it.