I will create a Retro Toon

Amazing! Love it!
Reviewed by smurfettetcs over 2 years ago
Thumbs up
Reviewed by idevspot almost 3 years ago
I like what the artist did for me. It was just as I requested.
Reviewed by getitdone123 over 2 years ago
Really awesome retro portrait! All directions/suggestions were taken into consideration. Scott even went a little further and added a few extra details (drumsticks and some coffee, some of my favorite items). Thanks!
Reviewed by zkuzmic over 3 years ago
Thank you!
Reviewed by evatism over 3 years ago
Nice work..Thanks
Reviewed by sra026 over 3 years ago
Very nice work ! Thanks
Reviewed by sra026 over 3 years ago
haha awesome!
Reviewed by mlpsencik almost 4 years ago
You're an artist of "essence" man. Wonderful.
Reviewed by idevspot almost 4 years ago
Beautiful man, just beautiful.
Reviewed by idevspot almost 4 years ago
You are brilliant man. Your work is totally totally top notch. The way that you capture the character is just... brilliant, you've got an 6th sense man.
Reviewed by idevspot almost 4 years ago
So I started out by commenting "Wow.... wow.... very impressive!" But honestly, that is not praise enough, so I am revising... this guy is AMAZING... he nailed the expressionism & created characters that seem to have a life of their own. Brother, let me know your website, so I can link to you!
Reviewed by idevspot about 4 years ago
Excellent! Thanks. I'll be back soon.
Reviewed by bestbudget about 4 years ago
Great job. Ordering more
Reviewed by bestbudget about 4 years ago
THanks ! great job! I will send more
Reviewed by julietta5555 about 4 years ago
OUTSTANDING work! Thanks for doing such a cool job, I dig it! Cheers!
Reviewed by caphollywood about 4 years ago
thanks ..good as usual
Reviewed by yossila about 4 years ago
Reviewed by mlpsencik almost 4 years ago
great work!
Reviewed by yossila about 4 years ago
great job!
Reviewed by greenvisions about 4 years ago
create a Retro Toon

About This Gig

Robins retrotoons! I can create a super-geeky mega-retro ultra-cartoony cartoon of anything you like!

it for cards posters, gifts, anything you can think of! (please purchase an extra for more persons per portrait)

The outcome is a high quality digital illustration 6 x 6 inches saved as a jpg or Png (If you would like the character with a transparent background).

*****artwork is copyrighted*********

purchase the rights to your character with the gig extras!

Order Details

3 days delivery

Head to shoulder Toon

A retro toon of you head to shoulders in retrostyle

  • Color
  • 1 Figure