About This Gig

I will write a simple press release or bio sheet, properly constructed for best results. Generally about 200 to 300 words one page format. Ideal for an event, product release, promotion, award or new online or offline business, based on information provided. Other projects considered and longer formats. Generally these involve additional gig payments. Please ask before submitting.

Be clear if you are ordering a press release or a bio gig. The more information that is provided the better idea I will have as to what you are offering.  Please request and submit a bio questionnaire be sent when requesting a bio gig.

Why 14 days to complete? I do high quality professional work and have clients on retainer. Their projects and current health situations with my wife come first. It is therefore necessary that I have time to complete gigs. If you need something overnight or are on a tight deadline, you most likely should seek a different Fiverrite to complete your gig.  Thank you for your understanding.