I will promote your business/website

promote your business/website

About This Gig

I am the host of the radio broadcast Room 101 Radio which airs on The Oracle Broadcasting Network. Oracle broadcasts via the internet. My show airs once a week, Sunday mornings 9-11am est. Fueled by my passion for radio and compassion for humanity, social change/justice issues are tackled during the broadcast. My listener base is growing at a rapid pace bringing in only 200 listeners just 3 months ago to now well over 500. Thats an avg. of a 100 new listeners a month. I would like to share this growing listener base with YOU. Here is what I am offering. If you have a business and or web site that you would like to have advertised, I will plug your service/site once an hr. up to a min. Thats 2 mins. of on air promotion to hundreds of new customers. The 1st on air plug will come at the beginning of the show between 9:00-9:04am est. I will give up to a min of on air announcing of your website/business. The 2nd on air ad will come between 10:00-10:04am est. So in conclusion you will recieve up to 2 full mins. of on air promotion to hundreds (and growing) new customers to your business all for, you guessed it, 5 BUCKS! I'll be talking with you soon!

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7 days delivery