I will send a Financial Forecasting Worksheet

send a Financial Forecasting Worksheet

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I will provide a Financial Forecasting Worksheet to project your companies Income and Expenses. A financial forecasting document is a financial plan for your business. 

The worksheet includes:

1. Primary Statements

2. Summary Statements
-Income statement
-Balance Sheet
-Revenue, Gross Margin & Profit Graph

3. Detailed Financial Statements
- Receipts & Disbursements
- Statement of sources & uses
- Income Statement

4. Sales Projections and Margin Analysis

5. Staffing Plan

6. Equipment Purchases

7. Manufacturing  & Inventory

8. Rent & Taxes

9. Financing Activities

EXTRA GIG: FINANCIAL RATIOS ANALYSIS TEMPLATE: This Excel spreadsheet takes information from the profit & loss statement and the balance sheet to calculate your company's key financial ratios. Developing a tool to help analyze the financial performance of the company not only helps to identify those areas of the business requiring corrective action but it can also help a company measure its performance relative to its competitors using publicly available information. 

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1 day delivery

Financial Package

I will provide you with all Financial Documents listed in the extras.