I will send a Digital Marketing Plan Template

send a Digital Marketing Plan Template
send a Digital Marketing Plan Template

About This Gig


The Digital Marketing Plan Template has helped several startups obtain funding of over $100,000.

The Digital Marketing Plan will help and guide you to write a detailed marketing plan for your business. It provides the key marketing elements and maps out directions for your business success. 


1. Current Position
2. Key Issues
3. Mission, Vision, Values, Learning from Past Experience

4. External Environmental Analysis
5. Market Overview
6. Current Target Markets
7. Current Audiences
8. Customer Touch Points
9. Competition
10. Internal Environmental Analysis
11. Internal Relationships
12. General SWOT analysis
13. Assumptions
14. Short Term (1-3 years)
15. Medium Term (3-5 years)
16. Long Term (5 + years)
17. Resources
18. Budget
19. Marketing Mix
20. Campaign
21. Display advertising
22. Social Media
23. Email Marketing


Social Media Content Calendar to make it easier to coordinate campaigns and grow your reach - $15

Digital Marketing Planning Spreadsheet - The spreadsheet model is designed to help you develop a budget model for campaigns. It enables you to performa a “what-if” analysis for varying investment in digital media to see the impact on leads, sales and ROI.