I will sell Middle Asian Souvenirs

sell Middle Asian Souvenirs
sell Middle Asian Souvenirs

About This Gig

I want to offer unique gifts and souvenirs who loves ancient style of Middle Asia. For example dish or a badia-plate decorated with blue and ultramarine patterns with wide horizontal rims, which can be hung on the wall at home.Various hand-painted pottery figures depicting national heroes, miniature camels and other animals.Dark blade steel clanks in light collision and the sheath is decorated with a cloud patterns.Traditional Uzbek earrings and domed earring with tinkled pendants, silver bracelets with cornelian, necklaces with delicate beads and turquoise will complement your modern outfit and give an oriental beauty to your image. Hand-woven carpets, made from natural fibers are quite valuable and expensive. Traditionally, rugs and carpets are not only laid on the floor, but also decorate walls of houses. Samarkand silk carpet is famous for its natural soft and contrast pile, luxurious colors of which make it desirable to any interior.

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This is all handmade stuff