I will tell you how you really look

tell you how you really look

About This Gig

Ever wondered what other people think of you? Do they think you are ugly or pretty? Hot or cute? Disgusting or beautiful? Find out now! Just send me a photo of you and I will tell you how you look! Here are some of the things I will tell you:

Are you...
- Too white?
- Too black?
- Too many pimples?
- Too nerdy looking?
- Too fat?
- Too skinny?
- Face too big?
- Face too small?
- Nose too big?
- Nose too small?
- Too much makeup?
- Eyelashes too big?
- Lips too big?

I will also rate you on a Hot-O-Meter from 1 -10.

1 = Super Ugly and 10 = Super Hot

I review women AND men.

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2 days delivery