I will format your book for Createspace or Kindle

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format your book for Createspace or Kindle
format your book for Createspace or Kindle
format your book for Createspace or Kindle
Amazing! I'll be using Glenn's services in the future...like, literally in a few hours or so. Great purchase.
Reviewed by etarver8 1 day ago
Glenn is the best! I have more than a dozen books on Amazon and have experience with book designers, so when I say he's "the best" don't take it lightly! I just hope he doesn't get too busy because I've already sent him a request for my next book. Dr. John P. Hayes
Reviewed by hayesjph 7 days ago
Top notch service as always! Highly recommended!
Reviewed by tomgermann 14 days ago
He's FABULOUS!!! Awesome job!! Soooooo helpful. Will DEF use again!! :)
Reviewed by psychicmedium 8 days ago
Wow Glenn an amazing job thank you.... and thank you for your patience with me. Outstanding service and I'll be back with more! I am beyond happy!
Reviewed by magpie1962 16 days ago
I can recommend Glenn. He is skilled, patient and have a "can do" attitude. Glenn works well under pressure and copes with difficult tasks and demands. It took us 2 orders to complete the work due to its complexity and I would not hesitate to work with Glenn again. Thanks!!
Reviewed by edeabusiness 7 days ago
Great to deal with. As a newbie, Glenn held my hand through the process and went the extra mile
Reviewed by jamesquigleycom 17 days ago
This is by far, the BEST fiverr experience I have ever had. Glenn was not only completely professional, but he understood my needs and was able to answer questions quickly and knowledgeably. I appreciated his patience when it came to fully answering my questions and through all the edits of my book. I will definitely be working with him again!
Reviewed by malika_atl 18 days ago
The seller was patient and very easy to work with
Reviewed by book1963 19 days ago
Fantastic job! I am using him again!
Reviewed by ddearth 22 days ago
Such a great and easy experience.
Reviewed by wayneperkins 22 days ago
Thanks so much Glenn. Awesome, awesome work!!
Reviewed by saltymag 28 days ago
Great Experience. As a 1st time author with a manuscript full of bullet points and tabs, he did a GREAT job. All of my revisions were handled expediently and the finished product has me overjoyed. I submitted the work to Createspace and Kindle and received approval on the 1st submission. I will definitely utilize his services again and recommend.
Reviewed by ypsmaloy 29 days ago
glean will make shure that you will be happy that you went with him.
Reviewed by dovess 22 days ago
This seller is awesome! He was super patient with me as we worked to perfect the project. He is my guy for all future projects!!!!!!!!!
Reviewed by ccody3 28 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by tucando about 1 month ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by stylesfrederick 29 days ago
I was pleased with Glenn's work and his quick revisions!
Reviewed by jackpyle about 1 month ago
Sarco does another top notch job and several revisions. Very satisfied as always! I have my next book for formatting and will submit in a week after some more edits!
Reviewed by tomgermann about 1 month ago
Thanks a lot for a great job!
Reviewed by miriamaverna about 2 months ago
format your book for Createspace or Kindle
format your book for Createspace or Kindle
format your book for Createspace or Kindle

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Description Print OR ebook format (choose 1) Print AND ebook format Non-fiction print OR ebook
  Novel or novel-like book. No images, lists, tables, or subheadings. Novel or novel-like book. Will deliver Kindle and Createspace Includes images, lists, tables, or subheadings.
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About This Gig

We're not the cheapest but we're the best - that's why this gig is constantly featured and shows up at the top of the search list! We focus on quality; not volume. If you want a professionally formatted work, you've come to the right place!

I'm a professional book designer and I've formatted 100's of them for buyers and small publishers! Ask for samples and layout ideas!

Fiction, nonfiction, coloring books and children's books

Novels: $40 for Createspace OR Kindle, or $60 for both

Images, tables, lists or subheadings might cost more. Send me the doc so I can look at it first

All the following is included:

  • Layout designs to choose from for paperbacks
  • Front matter & back matter w/ separate page numbers
  • Table of Contents, footers, headers
  • Standard paragraph indentation; drop caps for fiction 
  • Copyright page
  • Free conversion of your existing cover to Createspace - be sure to let me know!
  • Free unlimited formatting revisions

I deliver:

Createspace/Ingram Spark/Print on Demand

A pdf file ready for upload

An epub and mobi file ready for upload

Source File:
I work in Indesign, a professional tool for this job. I can deliver the Indesign file at no charge if you ask

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What software do we use to format book interiors?
    I format book interiors in Adobe Indesign, which is software specially designed for book layout. This gives a more professional and stable layout. I can provide the Indesign file to you at no extra charge if you ask me when the job is complete, but I won't be able to provide a Word doc.
  • Why does it take a week or more to format a book? (It doesn't, really...)
    Books are formatted in the order the jobs are received. Sometimes I have 2 dozen books in the queue! So it doesn't really take a week to format a book, but usually it is at least a week until I can get to it.
  • Can we format covers? Sort of.
    While we don't design covers from scratch, we can turn almost any Kindle cover into a print book cover with a spine and back. In fact, we have a separate gig for this. But if your job includes formatting for both print and ebook, we'll convert your kindle cover to print at no extra charge.
  • What is delivered? PDF, EPUB, MOBI, and source file.
    If we format for a print book, delivery will be a PDF file ready for upload. Colors will be in CMYK colorspace. If you choose B&W printing for Createspace, color images will automatically be converted to B&W. If we format for ebook, delivery will be an epub file and usually a mobi file.
  • What type of images should be used in a print book? 300dpi!
    Ideally, images should be at 300 dpi at the printed size for print books. There's not enough space here to explain it, but you can google it. If images are less than 300 dpi, they may still look okay in the printed book. Images in ebooks should be at least 96 dpi at the displayed size.
  • Is a Table of Contents Included? What about headers and page numbers? Yes!
    We always include a TOC in a print book unless the author doesn't want it. All ebooks will have both an HTML TOC and an NCX TOC. Page numbers and headers are included in all print books. (ebooks don't have them, or are added by the reading device). If you prefer running heads, let us know.
  • Where are the samples? Here!
    Samples are here: www.sarcopress.com/samples Check out the downloadable "Interior Style Guide" PDF file with some different layout designs to browse through and get ideas for print books.
  • Do we format children's books? Yes! And also coloring books!
    We do a children's book about once a week for both print and ebook. For print, decide on a trim size before you have your artwork done, so you can match the aspect ratio of the art to the page size. Decide whether you want the images to bleed to the edge of the page.
  • What types of books do we format? Any type, in any language!
    Novels, cookbooks, textbooks, we've done them all in at least 5 different languages and for many ebook and print platforms. Createspace Kindle Smashwords Ingram Spark Lulu, we've done them all, also some European specialty printers. Just let us know the requirements. Crop marks or bleed? Can do.