I will send copy of clarinet bass,clarinet orchestral part


About This Gig

for 1 GIG i will try to send the orchestral part for clarinet 1 or 2  or bass clarinet - please contact first to check in database 

for 1 GIG i will transpose 1-2 pages ( a 4 format ) from your orchestral part for A clarinet or B clarinet how it s your desire   :) 

 for 1 GIG  will change clef signature from bass to G clef  or opposite for bass clarinet players  on your 1-2 pages of orchestral part  (a 4 format )

you should send me handwritten music or scans ( clean  pictures) of your  music ( orchestral parts ) for transposing. 

If your music score has more than 2 pages, you  can be combined to a work with up to 10 pages!
1-2 pages(no extra needed)
3-4 pages (one extra gig)
5-6 pages ( two extra gigs) 
7-8 pages ( 3 extra gigs) and for 8, 9 or 10 pages you should bye ( four extra gigs) please inform  for extra sale if you do first and second  clarinet part of same orchestral part