I will setup your linux vps

setup your linux vps

About This Gig

I will setup your linux Virtual Server (VPS) with a GUI (Graphical User Interface) , an internet web browser and all basic utilities for an operating system.

Available operative systems:
- Ubuntu
- Debian
- Centos

I can setup both OpenVZ and SolusVM type of VPS.

The Extra Setup Web Hosting is available on Ubuntu only.
In this way you can SAVE UP TO $100 in hosting price! A standard company offers you around $10/month for hosting service, which translates in $120+ / year. With a VPS, you can spend around $20 year. Once i've setup your VPS ($15 total), you have spent $35 vs $120 of a standard company.

Order Details

2 days delivery

Basic VPS configuration

Configuration for GUI so you can access your VPS in remote. Browser: Firefox.